Hi I’m Maunik Patel

Believe in Healthier Way of Transformation

My online fitness services are the result of five years experience while working as the top level of personal trainer while learning the way to gain the true physical transformation that will also help you create sustainable health habits for yourself. In the end everything depends on health. Starting from the moment you open your eyes till you go to sleep when night ends. If your health is not supportive, you won’t be able to perform every necessary task in a way it should be done and this leads to bad health.

It all can be changed in a moment when you decide to truly change your regular lifestyle and make your body a priority to prepare it to fight for everyday’s battle in a new way. At Maunik Patel online fitness training, I personally train people to gain knowledge on how important these habits are and how it allows you on my personal online fitness training programs not only to achieve their ideal body, but also give an energy to live life by making your health a priority.

Maunik Patel Fitness utilises world-class and cutting edge personal training techniques to help you from all walks of life to achieve the physical aspiration that you dreamt for. I follow 3 core objectives for every client that are; delivering your ideal physique, making you compatible with a healthy lifestyle, and pump-up your ambition. Everything is ready and here for you.

This is My Story…

Why is Fitness and Nutrition Important?

Here, I’d like to share a little bit about how the life of a “Normal” human became “Crazy Fitness Freak” and how this transformation helped me bring change in improving people’s health habits that they felt was out of their reach.

So, the journey of my “Mission Fitness” began when I was seventeen and joined a gym for the first time to gain weight. I used to be way too skinny and I was very lazy when the talk with any person came to “Do some Workout”. At first, I was always like “ehh, I don’t want to workout. I’ll just eat more and more to gain weight.”. There was a lot of stress and pain at first and I was actually on the verge of giving up.

Looking back, I was able to piece out what went wrong. I had repeatedly made work my priority, never resting, constantly chasing achievement above recuperation, and allowed the tensions in my daily and personal life to go unchecked. Stress and inflammation had eventually piled up to the point where they were welcoming sickness into my body like an open barn door.

Forced to examine what I knew, I returned to study the basic fundamentals of preserving true health. I had mastered the visual part of exercise, but at the expense of everything else. But somewhere I thought through and gave if I could see the real difference and it did. Within some months I saw the change in my health, I started seeing the real difference in my health. I started gaining weight, changed my eating habits and managed my sleeping schedules. I became so much active with my life that I was also able to see the difference in my regular life. Everything became more positive and I became energetic with every single thing I used to do in day-to-day life. This change made me continue the workout on a regular basis and I understood it’s value.

Over time, I learned to merge components of Yoga, Eastern medicine, meditation, and nutritional therapy to construct a strong yet balanced body capable of supporting the physical demands of training as well as the psychological demands of daily life and career building. My second huge fitness discovery was learning to listen to my body's language.

With time, I became consistent and fitness got into my veins. I looked at myself and thought to bring the same change in other people’s lives by letting them know the value of exercising and your day-to-day health habits can bring positive change in life.

It’s been more than five years since I started preparing myself to start my career in offering personal training and becoming a nutrition coach by gaining certification and title of personal training. And this is how I started Online fitness and nutrition coaching for bringing the same difference in others' lives that changed my life.


At the end of the day, you get a little closer with the transformation you gain. This process and change you feel are what matters the most to me.
I am offering exclusive online fitness training and nutritional plans to make you reach the end transformation you have always wished for.